Who are your clients?

Developers, facilities managers, landscape architects, departments of parks and recreation. Anyone who designs outdoor space used by lots of people. See the client list.

Does the table conform to International Table Tennis Federation regulations?

The table's dimensions, surface, and ball bounce are per ITTF regulation. Please note however the following exceptions:

  • We round the table's corners to protect small kids.
  • The Prism model net widens to 5 inches at the base, for strength and long life.
  • While regulation nets are 72 inches and overhang the table's edges by 6 inches, our nets end flush with the table, again, for child safety. Please visit the table tennis regulation page at the ITTF.

Is the ball bounce normal, like that of an indoor table? How does the ball play feel?

Yes, the bounce is per regulation. Our tables conform to the ITTF specification for bounce--virtually indistinguishable from an indoor table. ITTF says dropped from 12 inches, the ball must bounce back 9.5 inches.  

Watch Sean O'Neill, twice member of the US Olympic Table Tennis team, play the HENGE table. He writes: “Alan, I was very excited to learn that my local park had recently installed two HENGE tables for our community. As a two-time US Olympian, I am always looking for ways to use our sport to help bring people together. The placing of these two pieces of “Playable Art” by our library has been a BIG HIT!" Read Sean's full testimonial.

What is the required assembly?

The standard table comes in four pieces: two tops, a base, and a net. A licensed contractor should perform the assembly per our installation guide. Assembly requires a concrete footing and a fork lift or similar lifting vehicle.

What is the delivery lead time?

Allow 4 to 6 weeks from the date of purchase order and deposit. If you’re in a rush, let us know. We may be able to ship sooner.

How do you maintain the table?

  • Sealer:
    • Remove graffiti with a hot power wash.
    • Reseal every 2-3 years to ensure lasting performance. We use and recommend Lifetime Plus. Apply one coat with roller, brush, or spray.
  • Wash: Once a year, cold powerwash the table. This will restore the newer appearance and remove air pollutants, dirt, grease, etc., which if allowed to remain, will eventually embed into and reduce the effectiveness of the sealer.
  • Chips: Devcon makes a range of concrete epoxies. Follow maker’s instructions.
  • Fasteners: Check that bolts are snug.

What is the warranty?

We guarantee parts and labor for a period of two years, assuming normal wear and tear consistent with table tennis play.

Get paddles to the public

  • Post a sign of online and local shop (check that your park's bylaws permit posting).
  • Invite local store to donate paddles printed with the store’s brand.
  • Free paddles:
    • Buy $3 paddles and 50 balls for $10.
    • Mark the handles with "Let Me Stay and Play”
    • Leave a few in pail next to table
  • Ask a nearby store or library to lend paddles against a deposit or driver's license. They may welcome the chance to meet new faces and to show their commitment to the community.

What city has the most outdoor tables?

Berlin, Germany, with 1,500. In Asia it is probably Beijing or Shanghai, but we haven't gotten to China lately. Have you? Send us a report, we would love to hear from you.

  • Call us
  • Form a group
  • Make a short list of parks
  • Contact Parks and Recreation. Try keywords: parks recreation contact staff manager superintendent.
  • Ask if they're interested. Ask if they'd donate installation. Discuss the short list
  • Determine if DPR accepts funds or only in-kind donation.
  • For tax deductibility of donated funds, find a 501c3 to act as conduit.
  • Design crowd-fund campaign