Why Concrete? Concrete is Beautiful

Built to International Table Tennis Federation specifications and engineered to last, our concrete tables are manufactured in the USA. We see our product as a singular, even provocative way to bring outdoors a game played in all nations, by all ages and genders. The table promotes fitness and social interaction, and introduces art and beauty into the American common space.


The Silk Table

Shown with Prism Net in Stainless Steel

The Silk Table’s hand-rubbed finish displays rich grays of differing depths and tones.


The Stone Table

Shown with City Grid Net in Powder Coat

The Stone Table has a terrazzo finish. Our diamond grinding wheels shave a bit off the topmost pebbles inside the concrete. This reveals their minerals, transparencies, and hues.




Table:  108" L,  60" W,  30" H
Net:  60" W,  6" H

CAD available on request.


We use Portland Type 1 cement and aggregate at 5000 psi conforming to ASTM standard and reinforced. Brackets are powder coated or stainless steel.

Powder Coat Paint MSDS (PDF)

Sealing Process

After molding, the concrete parts are hand polished, then sealed with a polymer which resists graffiti paint and salt spray. 

Graffiti Resistant Sealer Specs (PDF)

Exposed Aggregate

Our optional Exposed Aggregate finish is produced by diamond grinding the table's surfaces to reveal the beautiful multi-hued pebbles inside our concrete.


Available in Black Powder Coated Mild Steel or Stainless Steel



Shown in Stainless Steel

Our popular Prism net has a personality. If your ultra-slam hits the net, it rings with a soft gong sound like a 1970s videogame blooper tone. The shot loops back to you in a gentle arc, a hundred times slower than the slam. The effect is gentle parody. On the other hand, low speed shots into the net roll back quicker to the player— the 60˚ slope returns them like a bowling alley mechanism. (Convenient if you play from a wheelchair.) The round top allows dramatic ricochet angles. Nappers rest their heads on it. Built for skateboarders to grind.



Shown in Stainless Steel

A clean and elegant upright grid. More see-through than the Prism—spot your opponents’ hands through the net. Ideal for the residential backyard.