Our Story

a Leap from ballet to a one-ton Table

After college, HENGE founder Alan Good joined a world-class experimental dance company.

In 2008 he took a couple months to recuperate from plantar fasciitis. One day to avoid going stir crazy he checked the web for US-based concrete tennis tables like he saw in Berlin. (Berlin has 1500 concrete ping pong tables.) He found two. 2008 was a year when new companies seemed to sprout daily. He quoted a concrete kitchen countertop from a local pre-caster.

Alan’s friends asked him how he went from leaps on a stage to pouring one-ton concrete tables. Both outdoor ping pong and dance theater draw people together. People linger and strangers mix in a public place. In some ways they are our only hope today. If an object like a table can foster that—that’s good.

Against the advice of the marketing department, HENGE donated a table to a local park. Two weeks later the New York Times covered the table and the regulars who had started to play it with a large spread and photo. HENGE was born.

We supplied municipal parks and Navy bases, then schools and mixed-use development.

Our passion with the design was negative space—how you provide for stuff around your object. With a ping pong table in a courtyard or park, that negative space is a positive—it’s where people flow, stroll, glance at the activity by the table. They feel different. Durable concrete with a nice hand polish performs.

We also designed in space underneath the table. We cut the base away. We carved it with S-curves and empty portholes. We made the table float. It is concrete and solid. If you push it with your hip, it doesn’t budge. But it also floats. We borrowed from modernism, tried to make something clean that had grace.

If you design and construct with an eye to quality, durability, longevity, color to separate it from the prevailing palette, and near-zero maintenance, you have something. But if it looks good, the object gives back to the lines and movement of the space where you put it.

The result is an object that looks great in any season, in any light, alone or with people playing on it. Concrete is beautiful.

HENGE benefits from its craftspeople who pass down knowledge from generations, through family businesses.


The tables, which we expect to last at least 20 years, have given the community an additional inexpensive outdoor activity that is used by residents of all ages, including our disabled population.
— Steve Chironis, CFO, Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation
We are pleased to see that the Henge outdoor ping pong table has held up well through New Jersey’s recent rough winter and are confident it will provide years of enjoyment for park users.
— Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects
It’s great to be able add a fun activity for young and old that requires minimal equipment and has very low maintenance needs. We are extremely satisfied with Henge.
Its sleek concrete design makes it look like something from Walter Gropius’ game room. The table is so aesthetically pleasing, it’s easy to forget that you can actually play Ping-Pong on it.
— Best Park Installation Award,The Village Voice

Our Clients

We work with Developers, Facilities Managers, Landscape Architects, Departments of Parks and Recreation — anyone who designs outdoor space used by lots of people. Here are a few: