An Olympian Talks about Henge

Here are some great comment from a USA Table Tennis Hall of Famer and 1988 & 1992 US Olympic Team member Sean O'Neil:

“Alan, I was very excited to learn that my local park had recently installed two HENGE tables for our community.  As a two-time US Olympian, I am always looking for ways to use our sport to help bring people together.  The placing of these two pieces of “Playable Art” by our library has been a BIG HIT!

"At first I imagined that the ball would slide on the concrete surface and the bounce wouldn’t be all that true.  Boy, was I surprised when my teammate and I were able to execute all the strokes of modern table tennis with the heavy topspins and play from the back court.  I don’t know how you got the surface to be so consistent, but congratulations on the great bounce and outstanding workmanship.  I also work with Oregon Disabled Sports and thanks to this project we now have two permanent tables for our wheelchair players to use! 

If you are speaking with any other communities about installing your tables I would be happy to share my personal and professional views on the quality and playability of your product for both the disabled and able body groups.”

Sean and Tim playing on the Henge Cement table tennis table at the Beaverton Park in Portland, Oregon.