Personality of the net

Our Prism net is tongue-in-cheek.

Speaking totally in theory, if your ultra-slam were to be a wee bit low and hit into the net, the Prism rings with a soft gong sound. It sounds like a 1970s videogame blooper tone. The shot loops back to you in a gentle arc. If your slam were particularly vicious, the arc is higher, and takes longer to sail back to you. Unfortunately this means all the people watching your ordinarily great shots get to watch you wait for it.

The effect is an ever-so-gentle comment.

On the other hand, dinky shots into the net roll right back— the 60˚ slope returns them like in a bowling alley. If you play from a chair or wheelchair, you’ll grab the balls easier.

The round top allows any number of dramatic ricochet angles.

Nappers rest their heads on it.

Skateboarders grind it.

It’s our stronger net, and it talks back to you.