Ballet to One-ton Concrete

Alan grew up around science and art and New Wave films in a medical family. Summertimes at his grandparents’ house in Germany he saw the country rebuild after WWII.

After college he danced for 15 years in a world-class avant-garde dance company. In 2009 he leads his own troupe. One day he hurts his foot. Doctor’s advice: don’t jump, maybe for a year. Alan disbands the troupe.

He checks the web to see if the US has concrete tennis tables like he saw in Berlin. He finds only two.

To Alan, it isn’t a big leap from a ballet company to an outdoor ping pong table company: both seek to bring together people.

The company starts out as Public Ping Pong the same month Susan Sarandon opens SPiN — the great table tennis social club in New York. The name Public Ping Pong says it all: a utility like a library that belongs to all, where when we enter we can see each other.

Unfortunately it turns out that another company owns the term ping pong. Alan’s table company needs a new name.