Landscape Architects

Landscape architecture is a vast field whose importance grows as cities and regions come up with new ideas to help people enjoy open space. Their great monthly Landscape Architecture magazine reports on sea level rise, play amenities for adults in Copenhagen, in-depth reports on topography and plantings in corporate headquarter design.

LAs specify our table when it fulfills the needs of their clients and fits in the sense and spirit of their design, even the history of a neighborhood.

The table as object can converse with the lines, shapes, and textures in their design. Both hardscape, buildings, and plantings.

The table can provide a bridge between active and passive people like those who toss frisbees and basketballs and those who eat and loll. Designs take into account the order of sights: when a visitor who walks in from a given entrance sees which amenity or which activity. To bring play opportunity for old and young close enough to bbq on the picnic tables but far enough that the balls don’t fly into potato salad. Or to program when there’s only 250 square feet available.