A game of Run-around in San Francisco


Table tennis play on a HENGE table makes a sound that is almost opposite that of the indoor game: the ball against the table makes a soft click, sometimes a snap. A ball hitting the metal net makes a slightly louder gong sound--our two models and steels make different sounds: the stainlessgong is more bell-like than mild steel's. 





  • Although our concrete tables are tough, HENGE recommends sticking to good game of ping pong. We guarantee our tables with normal use. This skateboarder is awesome, but this is not normal use!HENGE tennis tables are 108" L x 60" W x 30" H, with a 6"H x 60" W tall net. 
  • Our table's mix design is Portland Type 1 cement and aggregate which produces a 5000 psi concrete conforming to ASTM standard and is reinforced with steel rebar. The plates are powder coated mild steel or stainless steel for seaside environments.
  • After molding, the concrete parts are hand polished, then sealed with a polymer which resists graffiti paint and salt spray. 
  • Our optional Exposed Aggregate finish is produced by diamond grinding the table's surfaces to reveal the beautiful multi-hued pebbles inside our concrete. The net is made of either powder coated mild steel or stainless steel. Please see below more information on our most popular packages. 


The Silk Table


This package features Silk Finish and the Prism Net powder coated Jet Black. Silk Finish is uniformly smooth to the touch and colored a range of rich grays.





The Stone Table


This package features the table top in Exposed Stone Finish with a Prism Net in Stainless Steel and a Silk base. We grind through the top layer of concrete into the stones that give our concrete its strength and beauty: once exposed, stones show a variety of shapes, colors, and patterns.




Nets - Prism or City Grid

Available in Black Powder Coated or Stainless Steel


Prism Net (shown in Stainless Steel)

Strong, friendly, and cool. The rock solid design--two angled grids meet in a rounded peak--supports climbing kids and skateboarders without a whimper. A ball that slams into the Prism returns in a gentle arc with a soft bell-like ring. The pyramid shape catches the eye, and adds to the exciting esthetic statement of the table. HENGE recommends the Prism due to its superior durability.



City Grid (shown in Stainless Steel)

An elegant, traditional upright grid between two triangles. See your opponents’ hands through the net.