HENGE, the premier producer of concrete tennis tables in the world.

Thing of beauty. Playable art. Built to last decades.

Speaks to architecture and landscape. 


North American cities with HENGE Tables

  • San Francisco CA
  • New York NY
  • Montreal QC 
  • Philadelphia PA 
  • Cambridge MA
  • Denver CO 
  • Minneapolis MN 
  • Jersey City NJ 
  • Anchorage AK
  • Miami FL
  • Houston TX
  • Seattle WA
  • Boston MA
  • Charleston SC
  • Birmingham AL



Award: by the Village Voice for Best Park Installation of 2011:

"That's why the Tompkins Square Park Ping-Pong table is so perfect. The table sits near the park's dog run, but its sleek concrete design makes it look like something from Walter Gropius' game room. This is so aesthetically pleasing, it's easy to forget that you can actually play Ping-Pong on it."