Artisanal Ping Pong Tables Made in New York


Thing of beauty. Playable art.

HENGE designs concrete ping pong tables as playable sculpture. Built to International Table Tennis Federation specifications and engineered to last, the tables are manufactured in the USA. We see our product as a singular, even provocative way to bring a vigorous sport that's already well-loved outdoors. The table promotes fitness and social interaction, and introduces art and beauty into the American common space. 

We offer a choice of finishes (silk or exposed aggregate) and net colors (black powder coated or stainless steel). We also offer the option of shipping your table with ITTF regulation lines. Personalize your table with your logo cut into the net. Please contact us 212 777-6539 or for more details.


Fine Cut 10-24-14 v1 1080 from Henge on Vimeo.