HENGE in the Media

This Is Montreal’s Free Downtown “Ping Pong” Park You Did Not Know About, MTL Blog, 10.27.2014

Ping Pong Serves Park Visitors, Montreal Gazette, 5.12.2012

Asser Levy Park


NYC Parks Dep't Plans for New Park, by Mary Johnson, DNAinfo.com, 10.5.2012



The Joys of Ping-Pong in the Open, by Ariel Kaminer, The New York Times, 3.27.2011


Best Park Installation of 2011, Village Voice, 2011


Building Communities, One Serve at a TimeMoney and Power, 5.2.2011 

Ping Pong in the Parkby Kathryn Kattalia, New York Times/NYU: The Local East Village, 3.25.2011

Video by Kathryn Kattalia.


The Little White Ball Obsession That Isn't Golfby Thomas Lin, New York Times, slide show,  6.2.2011


Mayor Denny Doyle to unveil outdoor ping pong tables at Beaverton City Park, by City of Beaverton, BlogOregonLive, 9.13.2011


Paddle Tales, by Kirsten Fleming and Alisa Wolfson, New York Post, 4.16.2011


New York City's Public Parks Add Ping Pong Tables, by Nate Berg, Planetizen, 4.5.2011


Ping Pong and Planting: Creating Community in Gulick Parkby Kim Gledhill, The Lo-Down, 3.31.2011


Tompkins Square Park Gets Ping-Pong Table Made of Stoneby Aleks Segal, 3.21.2011


New Ping Pong Table Unveiled in Tompkins Square Park, by Patrick Hedlund, DNAinfo, 3.20.2011


Table Tennis Now A Permanent Part of Tompkins Square Park, by Grieve, 3.19.2011


Ping Pong Stars Rumored to Attend Unveiling of Table in Tompkins Square Park, by Patrick Hedlund, DNAinfo, 3.18.2011

Outdoor Ping Pong Coming to Tompkins Square Park
by Table Tennis Nation, 3.11.2011


Tompkins Tough?, by Cynthia Romero, The Villager, 8.19.2010


Outdoor Ping Pong on the Table for East Village's Tompkins Square Park, Patrick Hedlund, DNAinfo, 8.2.2010.


Ping Pong On The Playground, by Paige, PlaygroundDesigns.blogspot.com, 7.9.2010


Weekly Chatter,  by Gary Howe, MyWheelsAreTurning.com, 7.16.2010


Gulick Park, Now With a Concrete Ping Pong TableGrand Street News, 6.2010 



Table Tennis in New York City


Roosevelt Island Table Tennis, George Braithwaite


Pong and the LES Cup, at Grand Opening, Ben Smyth


SPiN, Susan Sarandon, Jonathan Bricklin, et al 


Table Tennis in the Media

For Alzheimer's and dementia patients, pingpong is a game — and therapy
by Eric Spitznagel, BusinessWeek, 5.5.2011


Ping Pong Goes Corporateby Eric Spitznagel, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, 5.4.2011


Table tennis titan George 'The Chief' Braithwaite brings tournament to Roosevelt Island, by Clare Trapasso, 2.4.11


Pingpong therapy brings net gains to Alzheimer’s patients, by Rachel Heller, Jewish Journal, 1.25.2011


Back and Forth Sport is Back Again by Ravi Somaiya, New York Times, 11.26.2008

Back to the Basement, by Nancy Franklin, New Yorker Magazine, 2.17.2003



Ping Pong Diplomacy: Fortieth Anniversary


Connie Sweeris, Ping Pong Diplomat, by Jeff Campagna, Smithsonian Magazine, 3.21.2011


Table tennis titan George 'The Chief' Braithwaite brings tournament to Roosevelt Island,  by Clare Trapasso, 2.4.2011


George Braithwaite:A Ping-Pong Diplomat Back at the Table, City Room: New York Times Video, 3.2.2010


Ping Pong Diplomacy, World News Network--compilation of news videos.


Table Tennis and Health:  The Sport for All; Table Tennis Not Only Healthy, Also Therapeutic, Ian Marshal, ITTF News, 1.31.2011



Table Tennis in Literature


'The Mighty Walzer,' Ping Pong Wizard (Of Sorts), by Harold Jacobson, radio interview by Scott Simon, Weekend Edition, NPR, 4.2.2011


Everything You Know Is Pong: How Mighty Table Tennis Shapes Our World, by Roger Bennett, !t Books, 2010



The Scene Abroad


Dr. Pong, East Berlin's bar life meets table tennis—in the round. Proprietor is American Oliver Miller