Frequently Asked Questions


1) Does the table conform to International Table Tennis Federation regulations? 

The table's dimensions, matte surface, ball bounce, optional lines are all regulation. Please visit the table tennis regulation page at the ITTF.

However, its corners are rounded to protect both small kids and the table itself. Our rugged and beautiful Prism model net is 5 inches wide at the base. While regulation nets are 72 inches and overhang the table's edges by 6 inches, our nets end flush with the table for child safety. 


2) Is the ball bounce normal, like that of an indoor table? How does the ball play feel?

Yes, the bounce is per regulation. Our tables conform to the ITTF specification for bounce, ie, almost identical to an indoor table: dropped from 12 inches, the ball must bounce back 9.5 inches.

The ball play, however, differs according to the finish. Exposed Aggregate plays slightly faster. Silk plays slower, and allows for more ball spin. 

Watch Sean O'Neill, twice member of the US Olympic Table Tennis team, play the HENGE table. He writes: “Alan, I was very excited to learn that my local park had recently installed two HENGE tables for our community... Read Sean's full testimonial here. 

3) What is the required assembly?

The table comes in four pieces: two tops, a base, and a net.  Assembly should be handled by a licensed contractor per our installation guide. A concrete foundation and fork lift or similar lifting vehicle are necessary. Our optional foundation pad (made from reinforced concrete) replaces the need for the customer to pour their own and mount the base. 

4) What is the delivery lead time? 

Delivery time is 6 to 9 weeks from the date of purchase order and deposit. 

5) What is the maintenance?

  • Graffiti - Removes easily with a hot power wash. After several removals, note how the sealer is performing. You may need to re-seal the table in accordance with the sealer manufacturer's requirements and guarantee to ensure lasting performance. We use and recommend Lifetime Plus.
  • Cold powerwash - Once a year, cold powerwash the table's horizontal surfaces. This will restore the newer appearance and remove air pollutants, dirt, grease, etc., which if allowed to remain, will eventually embed into and reduce the effectiveness of the sealer.
  • Chips - A $5 epoxy like Devcon offers an easy repair. Follow instructions.  

6) What is the warranty?

We fully guarantee each table against parts and labor failure for a period of two years, assuming normal wear and tear consistent with table tennis play.

7) How can I put paddles and balls in the hand of the public? 

To help the public try out a outdoor tennis table they are not used to seeing, here are suggestions. 

  • If park's bylaws permit, post a sign of online and local sources. 
  • If bylaws permit, allow donation of equipment by a local store, carrying the retail donor's brand. A free paddle program is running in Philadelphia, with low theft rate. Mark the handles with "Let Me Stay and Play" or similar.  
  • Ask a nearby store or library, if any, if they would on a trial basis lend paddles against a deposit or driver's license. They may welcome the chance to meet new faces and to show their commitment to the community. 

8) What's the world city with the most concrete tables? 

It is probably Beijing or Shanghai, but we know it as Berlin Germany. We haven't gotten to China lately. 
Have you? Send us a report. We would love to hear from you. 

Concrete Tables in Berlin (not by HENGE)

9) I want to learn more about table tennis. Can you recommend links? 

Natasha B. at has a great list. Here below are a couple of the selections. (Thanks to Mark Thorpe at HH4Kids for referring us to this.)