What is a henge?

Manhattan henge
A henge is an oval berm with an inner concentric ditch where people gathered in prehistoric times. The most famous is Stonehenge in Wiltshire County, England. Four days a year in Manhattan, the setting sun dazzles everyone when it squares off to beam down certain city streets at sunrise or sunset. The event is known as Manhattan Henge.

What we saw in the name

Nature--stones stand for centuries. In New York City, our built environment and company home, we take nature seriously. Our goal is to get people outdoors to move, mix and meet.

Art--Stone Henge is our ancestor and it is amazing: a balance of rock and space, form and function, with curves taken from nature and physics. 
Urban design--People need public structures to see and hear each other, like the prehistoric henge, like the downtown farmer's market today. Today urban planners are building more compact neighborhoods than in the suburban 1950s, sprinkled with parks, schools, and services you can reach by train, bike, and foot. A HENGE table in a park today is part of that design movement toward the walkable city. 
Time--Stone lasts. A sunbeam walking across the ground marks time when it shines through the big slits of Stone Henge or the portholes in a HENGE table. 
Evolution--Commerce put up the stone and steel canyons of Manhattan, London, Shanghai. The cities themselves work like a henge. They are monuments to human evolution through trade.
Jersey City, NJ